The world is facing agricultural limitations while natural gas resources are plentiful.

At Trelys we use biotechnology to convert hydrogen and carbon dioxide into products that leverage the world’s agricultural resources.

A growing demand for essential amino acids

The demand for protein is expected to far exceed population growth as the world’s poorest citizens increase their wealth. The anticipated “protein gap” must be addressed in every way possible and one way is to increase the use of supplemental amino acids in animal feed. Our primary focus at Trelys is to improve the cost and availability of feed amino acids.

Plant protein contains less lysine, threonine and methionine than animal protein. Supplementing vegetable protein with these amino acids improves the efficiency of protein feeds, enabling the more effective utilization of scarce land and water resources.

Leveraging Hydrogen Partners

Hydrogen can come from a variety of sources but today almost all hydrogen is produced by reforming or gasification of carbon containing feedstocks such as natural gas, coal or biomass. Most hydrogen is utilized in the refining of crude oil or in the production of ammonia. Trelys intends to partner with industrial hydrogen producers to benefit from the large scale at which they operate. As the “hydrogen economy” emerges, Trelys is positioned to utilize hydrogen from any source

Methanogen Bioconversion Technology

Our technology is based on the bioconversion of hydrogen and carbon dioxide using methanogenic archaea

Why methanogens?

  • Energetically Efficient
  • Anaerobic Fermentation
  • Moderate Heat Generation
  • Extensive Product Options
(H2 + CO2)
(CH4 + O2)
Knall Gas
(H2 + O2)
(H2 + CO)
anaerobic aerobic aerobic anaerobic
Low Heat
medium high high low
Gas Mass
medium hard hard hard
easy improving easy hard

Trelys Potential Products

While Trelys is currently focusing on feed amino acids, this technology provides an avenue to a wide variety of products.

The Trelys Team

Industrial and Entrepreneurial Scientists

Jill Bradshaw and Rich Thacker Industrial oriented entrepreneurial scientists previously with ADM, Eastman and TetraVitae

World Expert Science Advisors

Rolf Thauer Professor MPI Marburg
Tony Sinskey Professor MIT
John Perona Professor Portland State University
Barny Whitman Professor University of Georgia
Nathan Price Professor Institute for Systems Biology

Strong Investors

ARCH Venture Partners
First Green Partners

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